Thursday, October 30, 2008

training a sex slave

Amber Rayne fucked in the ass in slave training session

Fri, Apr 04 2008 12:00:00

Training Report

Training Goals:

  • Self Worth
  • Relinquish Control
  • Eroticize Pain

Recommendations: Order her to hold a difficult position while being vibrated and introduce her to Tom Moore, our guest trainer for the day.

Fill her mouth with hard cock right away to test her ability to maintain position. Turn Mr. Moore loose on her for a very hot flogging scene that leaves no part of her slut body unmarked, giving her the opportunity to earn her leather cuffs for the week.

Strap her down to the wide receiver to expose her ass and pussy, and pound her slave asshole with a hard cock till she is begging to come for our amusement.

Teach her that her discomfort and desire is secondary to pleasing her dominant, and her satisfaction comes from performing well.

Cover her gaping asshole in hot come, stand her at attention and deliver her homework assignments for the evening. Order her to clean the come off the floor with her tongue before she is dismissed.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

slave movies

Princess Donna and Lorelei fucked by multiple Slave Trainers

Fri, Sep 05 2008 12:00:00

Training Report, Final Day

General Observations

  • she is an efficient and astute young lady
  • she is a bruised, sore and experienced masochist but...
  • there are ways to hurt her that she does not yet know
  • pacing improved
  • she misses pussy
  • she suffers beautifully


  • serve cock, esp. oral skills
  • male anatomy 101
  • humility
  • discipline
  • sense of humor


  • push her further into the surreal world of her circumstances
  • blur the path to reality
  • assign different names through the day to disorient

  • leash her with clover clamps to nipples and labia
  • order lorelei to walk her as her screams echo through the 'Theater of Pain'
  • deprive her of her senses
  • rig and submerge her in the Houdini Tank
  • put both the little sluts in corsets and gags
  • use them to entertain a few guests
  • use lorelei as an instructional aid
  • her pussy as motivation for donna
  • teach her the value of a sense of humor
  • see to it they are both used hard and well
  • call out donna on her inept and sloppy oral skills
  • give her some hands on lessons
  • overwhelm them both with orders and hard cocks
  • make them work hard for three loads of come
  • see to it they swap the come back and forth before they eat it
  • give donna a mouthful of that pussy she has been missing this week
  • take donna's exit interview as lorelei eats her pussy

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

sex-slave dungeon

Lorelei Lee Trained to Submit!

Tue, Jun 26 2007 00:00:00

Training Report

Progress Review: Previously, trainee was nervous and unable to maintain simple positions. She did endure a severe cane scene that will leave marks for the entire week and probably beyond, but needed to be tied down because she cannot hold position.

Orgasm control was good when the vibrator was applied, and she begged very nicely to come. Coupled with the intense zipper scene, this opening took her to the edge of her endurance, providing clear access to the depths of her masochism.

Hooded and led through the halls to the shower room, her reactions were heightened considerably. Through near panic and disorientation, she was still able to beg to orgasm with a rubber cock filling her cunt and a hose beating down on her clit.

Cock sucking ability is good, but she needs to show more initiative and enthusiasm. Recommend applying electrics.

Training Goals:

  • Control her orgasms
  • Improve pain tolerance
  • Improve her self control in being still
  • Explore sensory deprivation
  • Instill basic protocol

Recommendations: Put her head in a box immediately. Restrain her with painful clips and cane her to break her of fidgeting / pulling away from her punishment. She must learn to stand still and present herself to the cane.

Train her to present her ass and fill her cunt with four fingers. Generously apply the vibrator and order her to stay still through an orgasm. Clip her labia to the platform if needed.

Order her to crawl on and off a leash to instill the senses of submission and burning humiliation. Apply electrodes to her ass and order her to suck cock between reciting filthy phrases. Send her back to crawl on all fours with her face covered in come before dismissing her to quarters for the evening to do her journal.

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Monday, October 20, 2008

fuck toy slave

Train slave girl with Ass Hook and Hard Doggie Fuck

Fri, Jul 25 2008 12:00:00

Training Report


  • Inspect Quarters
  • Review homework assignments
  • Teach the value of paragraphs by tearing her poorly formatted assignments into little pieces and feeding them to her one by one.
  • Lock her into a leather muzzle to speech train her
  • Cage her and order her to continue scrubbing the filthy floor
  • Review her case with William
  • Terrify her with the cattle prod
  • Tie her tits in tight Japanese style rope bondage
  • Teach her the techniques required to endure a painful rope suspension

  • Push her hard with the single tail as she struggles to maintain the suspension
  • Release her and teach her a little about gratitude
  • Drill her oral skills with a hard cock in her throat
  • Teach her to overcome her gag reflex
  • Crop her to distraction
  • Continue working the Training Trigger
  • Bind her like a dog in cold chain
  • Leash her with a hook in her ass
  • Fuck her slave cunt while stretching her ass
  • Teach her to give up control by making her orgasm over and over again, spilling her submission all over the office floor

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

slave train

Julie Night's asshole trained to fuck!

Fri, Sep 14 2007 00:00:00

Training Report

Goals Progress:

  • Basic Protocol - trainee shows good progress with speech training. Recommend changing the rules to test her flexibility.
  • Obedience is tested and continues to improve.
  • Composure is still an issue but we are making progress
  • Claustrophobia - trainee is still afraid but continuing to work on this fear.
  • Aquaphobia - Trainee is slowly getting over her fear of water.

Inspect her. Teach her to place the weight of her pussy and tits into the gloved hand as it probes her naked, presented body, and limit her reactions. Put her in a sack and beat her, then hang her upside down and dunk her head into a tank of freezing water. Whip her while she is under water to teach her the value of composure during a beating.

Based on her previous day, she has a hard time fucking and sucking at the same time. Put her on the cock box and train her to fuck a dildo while sucking a hard cock. Prod her with a whip to do a good job.

Reward her by tying her to a box and using her slave mouth, pussy and asshole in a hard fuck scene that leaves her licking hot come off the filthy floor.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

sex slave movies

Delilah Strong humiliation slut trained to submit

Fri, Feb 15 2008 12:00:00

Training Report

Warning - this session contains heavy verbal humiliation that some may find offensive

Training Goals Progress:

  • Limits - she is not afraid to go further than she ever has both emotionally and physically
  • Gratitude - too slow and frequently needs correction
  • Discipline - definitely improved
  • History Lessons - she is getting a good primer and keeping up with her homework

Recommendations: Bring in Torque to help give her a heavy verbal humiliation scene that totally breaks her down and exposes her to our ministrations. Erotically degrade her body and personality, then brutally fuck her face to remind her why she is here.

Turn her over to Torque for a heavy bondage / pussy penetration scene that teaches her the extent of our control over her orgasms.

Put her into the wide receiver to train her to present her tits with a whip, then fuck her cunt and mouth as a reward for all her hard work.

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Monday, October 13, 2008

training of a sex slave

Dana DeArmond tamed by the cock

Fri, Apr 18 2008 12:00:00

Training Report, Final Day

Goals Review

  • Sincerity: She has learned the importance of sincere delivery, but must be reminded
  • Discipline: Much improved
  • Obedience: Surprisingly, this slut has been a very obedient girl this week.
  • Gratitude: Too slow, but improved.

Recommendations: Plug her ass and turn her over to Torque to work up a sweat with forced exercise, kegels and stress positions.

Vibrate her hungry cunt while putting her through a hard flogging, teaching her ways to eroticize pain.

Hand her and her file over to her boyfriend, Daniel, for a test drive.

She has been programmed to respond to her slave name, Number Nine, by assuming a submissive stance and waiting for orders. He immediately tests her obedience by ordering her to shave her cunt for him.

Once satisfied, he inspects her and orders her through various positions including presenting her slut mouth to suck cock, and her ass to fuck.

Make her get on top and ride hard cock in her ass, doing all the work and finally taking his come in her mouth.

Miss DeArmond graduates today, and we turn her over to Daniel with a new set of skills that will hopefully add to their kinky sex life and press her to continue to ask, how can I please him?

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

cunt training

Adrianna Nicole trained to fuck like a slave

Fri, Mar 07 2008 12:00:00

Turn the applicant over to William for a morning of forced exercises in our freezing drill court. Entertain the camera with her bouncing tits while running laps and performing calisthenics designed to improver her self discipline.

Take her to the industrial room and tie her into a difficult position that teaches her the finer points of presenting her ass for a hard fucking. Stuff her mouth with hard cock while her ass is fucked to instill the merits of satisfying two demonic trainers at the same time.

Flog her, whip her and crop her till she begs to be fucked in her slut pussy, then deposit two loads of hot come all over her beautiful tits as a reward for her good service.

Assign the usual homework and curfews, then deposit her into her quarters for the evening till we need her again.
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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

slave training movie

Sarah Jane Cylon tested for sexual service

Thu, Jun 14 2007 00:00:00

Applicant Profile:

Age: 24

Sign: Cancer

Height: 5'5"

Fears / Current Limits: Fear of failure

Strengths: Deep desire to submit, high pain tolerance. Able orgasm through penetration. Applicant already possesses some BDSM skills.

Weaknesses: Fidgets, easily exudes nervousness.

Experience: Applicant is easily distracted, lacks self discipline. Mentally vacates during heavy s/m.

Current Status: In petition to s/m artist Cyd Black

Initial Observations: Applicant displays an eagerness to submit, appears healthy and attentive, maintains eye contact well, and radiates a pleasant, unobtrusive aura. Initial research points to a strong creative urge, but a lack of patience and self discipline may manifest in an inability to see projects through to the end.

Recommendations: Assign an overwhelming menial task to build discipline and assess determination to train. Scrub and inspect her like an animal. Create opportunity to earn privileges like clothing, a bed to sleep in. Control mental presence during corporal scenes. Cyd requests basic position training, instill discipline. Suggest thorough sexual testing including cock sucking, facials, fucking her pussy and anal sex evaluation. Keep her locked up overnight and invade her quarters to use her.

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