Thursday, December 11, 2008

sex slave training

Cute smart slut trained to be a slave

Fri, Sep 12 2008 12:00:00


Goals of this document:

  • Formulate presumptions and recommendations based on analysis of available resources
  • Distill presumptions to formulate anticipated goals and recommendations


  • nice girl, sweet disposition
  • 'I'm very submissive...I just like being tied up and knowing I can't do anything about it.'
  • inner reflections are difficult to articulate, lacks enthusiasm
  • when asked what she wants her response is 'just to have fun'.
  • whines and whimpers with flogging / slapping - sometimes w/ fucking as well
  • rough fucking OK: 'I like it being slapped in the face, choked, hair pulled'
  • BJ action, have not seen anything impressive, appears rote.
  • Pussy eating, mediocre at best
  • orgasms really hard w/ hitachi, body lock up / shakes
  • very sensitive pussy after orgasm
  • bondage and suspensions intensifies orgasm, 'very much so'
  • come in mouth and face OK


  • blindfolds (hoods?)
  • 'She is afraid of being blindfolded, likes to see everything' - Sandra R. WA 4961
  • 'not having control in a situation is very scary to me'
  • Does fear make her pussy wet?


  • appears to possess elementary to good skills
  • has done allot of Device Bondage
  • took the cattle prod for Donna BUT...does not like the cattle prod on other occasions


  • 'I love to be suspended', but not very painful ones
  • 'I like being roughed around'
  • likes being tied up and fucked


  • mummification - 'every time I moved it got tighter....'
  • doggie style fucking
  • 'I don't like my feet being touched...'
  • blindfolds / hoods


an attitude or belief dictated by probability

  • she appears to be a pretty good little play toy
  • willing to take a fair amount of pain, an excellent bondage model
  • likes to be pushed, seeing how much she can take
  • inner sense of accomplishment is a big motivator for this one.
  • she is shy, difficulty expressing her submission beyond the base elements
  • does she have the stomach to be a slave? - can she face down adversity?


Examine suppositional impressions and prepare a critical, overall appraisal of the applicant

  • conduct an interview, physical inspection, psychological evaluation
  • see file: Questions for Alexa
  • observe and note traits and characteristics:
  • manners, attitude, responses to physical and mental stimuli
  • intelligence, comprehension of D/s concepts
  • look for signs of slave heart
  • note responses to sexual stimuli, vibration, orgasm denial, oral and vaginal penetration
  • pain response - teach her to channel pain and sensation in other ways
  • assume control over her, hobble her in restraints
  • intensify the focus on her inner dialogue with homework:
  • 20 ways to express submission

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