Saturday, January 10, 2009

slave porn

Princess Donna turned into a slavegirl

Fri, 27 Jun 2008 19:00:00 GMT
Porn stars:Daac Ramsey

Princess Donna

Sgt. Major

Training Report

General Observations

  • Trainee dislikes inferior performance, needs to 'do a good job'
  • Poor at controling teeth on blowjobs
  • Likes earning marks, makes her 'feel tough'
  • Engaged, present, shows natural reactions
  • Seems to have difficulty keeping track of her 'burden'


  • Discipline is humility
  • Grace and fluidity
  • Her holes are ours


  • Review homework: An essay on Patrick Califia
  • Reward her thorough research by ordering her to masturbate for us while under the whip
  • Make her restrain her orgasm while drilling her on training goals
  • Assign a new name for the day to keep her identity at bay

  • Introduce Sarge to instill discipline and humility through rigorous physical and mental exercises
  • Drill her on graceful movements
  • Use vibration and orgasm to motivate
  • Distract her with the gimp's mouth on her cunt and test her composure
  • Clamp her nipples and order her to make herself suffer for our amusement
  • Use whips, clamps, weights and orgasms liberally
  • Take her to the scrubing room to underscore her lessons in humility
  • Give her plenty of practice at giving up her mouth and pussy for cock, or else she gets the hose again.
  • Drill her on ball sucking till her face is covered in cum
  • Be sure she understands that the blowjob is not over once the cum comes out
  • Assign her homework: an essay on Joseph Bean
  • Demonstrate the consequences of loosing track of her burden, the 40 pound stone she must keep with her at all times.