Friday, December 19, 2008

sex slave humiliation

Two sluts slave trained in the wilderness

Fri, Aug 22 2008 12:00:00

Training Reports


Number one


  • concept of suffering for another is sinking in
  • capable of enduring stress and pain
  • loves leashes and collars
  • good candidate for deeper exploration
  • open and eager to please
  • she is a 'good girl'


  • Race the sluts up a huge hill at 6am
  • beat the winer and make the looser do pushups
  • begin work on tandem execution of tasks
  • pit them against each other in a game of stress and demand
  • order sara to beat a name for herself out of claire
  • disregard whatever names they come up with
  • simply call them girl one and girl two
  • drill their legs and shoulders in hard unison
  • make them foot race down the hill for an orgasm
  • the loser spends 20 minutes in pain
  • put her to work on number two's attention starved cunt
  • teach a challenging lesson in balance, pain and fear
  • stretch her pretty little mouth around a hard cock


  • structure, endurance and follow through
  • the pitfalls of consequence
  • focus and balance
  • confronted fear engenders power
  • without pain there is no pleasure
  • composure and posture
  • accomplishment of the most difficult scene she has ever done


Number two


  • recognizes ignoring pre-shoot communications was a poor choice
  • has a fresh perspective on discipline and respect
  • broken nails are not so bad
  • realizes she has no control here
  • under the party girl persona there is a girl that craves discipline
  • but she has a long way to go
  • she is a 'bad girl'


  • Give her a harsh 6am wake up call
  • Provide a taste of what it might be like to really serve
  • strip them both naked in the sunrise
  • work them through a harsh hilltop hike
  • work on her fidget problem
  • order them to name each other while under the crop
  • beat her for making us wait for this this morning
  • call her out on her activities last night and make her pay for them
  • listen to her response to the letter of inquiry two months late
  • tie her to a boulder, blindfold her and whip her tits
  • drive her to orgasm with number one's nimble mouth
  • make her tell us what a bad fucking girl she is
  • use her as a cock sucking decoration
  • tie her to a boulder and fuck her like an animal


  • discipline
  • punctuality
  • the benefits of reward
  • loss of sight

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