Saturday, May 30, 2009

cock training slut

Candidate slut Bella Rossi applies for slave training

Fri, May 01 2009 12:00:00

Trainers Intake Report

Subject ID: #033.s

SessionID: #6534


  • Age: 24

  • Sign: Taurus

  • Height: 5'5''

  • Weight: 140

  • Measurements: 34dd- 24-34

  • Anal: yes

  • Status: unowned


  • Experience: 0.5yrs

  • most experience is with

  • no community exp.

  • some exp. with partner


  • endurance

  • a drive to please

  • ability to take direction


  • pain threshold

  • easily distracted

  • very hungry pussy


  • Loves ropes, esp. the marks

  • being made to get off

  • being made to please

  • fucking


  • nipple clamps

  • pussy clamps

  • hates the cane


  • "Pain is my biggest fear"

  • afraid of water

Best Way To Orgasm

  • doggie style penetration

  • vibes

  • easy to get off

How subject relates to:

(Scale: 1-4 low - high] 0 = no data)

Rough Sex: 4
Face Slapping: 4
Master/slave roleplay: 3
Thud Impact: 4
Sting Impact: 2
Rope Bondage: 4
Blindfolds: 3
Electricity: 1
Bare Hand Spanking: 3
Humiliating Names: 4

Relates to submissive types:

Service Submissive: 1
Masochist: 4
Smart Ass Masochist: 3
Humiliation Slut: 4

The BEST thing about being
a submissive slut is:

"Pleasing sombody"

The WORST thing about being
a submissive slut is:

"Taking the pain"

Trainer's ratings:

Pain Management: 2
Discipline: 1
Manners: 3
Composure: 3
Fucking: 3
Taking Cock: 3
Sucking: 4
Orgasm Intensity: 3
Orgasm Control: 1


Saturday, May 23, 2009

trained for sex slavery

Blonde Brat trained to submit to Sex and Sadism!

Fri, Jan 09 2009 12:00:00

Direct Assessment

Subject Id: #027

Session Id: #5724


  • Subject has reached a physical plateau and is exploring the psychological aspects of BDSM.


  • She seems sure that she is a great fuck and that should be enough to get her by. There is some level of entitlement there, some arrogance to manage.


  • Once in a scene she is quick to flash anger. There is a searing quality under the surface.


  • Subject really enjoys crying. Relates that she cries about 50% of the time in scenes.


  • When dominated in an s/m scene, she is quick to reach rage. Intimidated, most people back away from it leaving the scene at that level. When pushed past rage, she says that she 'shuts down' and becomes non-responsive.

  • If pushed past rage and steered through that territory, she will tap a spring of knowing and well being to quench her driving thirst for the 'hidden knowledge' of BDSM.

Training Goal

  • Rage Scene: To drive her past the stage of RAGE and through the territory that lies beyond the crest of her experience.

Rule Set

  • 1. Enter and exit basement areas on all fours

  • 2. Ask to do Anything inc. bathroom

  • 3. Moved by hair

  • 4. Use of Sir

Subject's Motivation

  • Wants to learn to 'let go'

How To Punish

  • Over the knee, bare handed spanking

  • Something having to do with dirt / filth

How To Reward

  • Hard sex

  • Squirting

  • Physical attentions, petting

  • Fisting if she is very good

Best Way To Orgasm

  • HARD SEX anyway she can get it.

  • Fisting is her favorite

  • Squirting if she is really good.


Friday, May 01, 2009

pony girl slaves trained to serve sadistic Masters sex slave training

Graduation Day

Put these two pony sluts to task on their last day of slave training. Post them up on the rocks and drill them through a series of painful stress positions under the blazing sun. Make them sweat and whine till their limbs are trembling in pain, then begin the punishments. As each falters, it is their slut sister that takes the correcting blows.

Slut number 2 is begging for a punishment. She has fucked up again, this time by misplacing her collar. Her pathetic pleas are met with kind re-assurance. We have the collar, all is well. Now assume the position and accept a ruthless thrashing as your trainer beats your ass with the very piece of leather that you seek. After pressing her to near failure, she is pulled up and the leather is wrapped around her neck. Now slut, trot the half mile back to the house alone and use the time to reconsider your responsibilities to the leather.

After feeding, the sluts are dressed in light gear and paraded, synchronization enforced with a stinging crop. March the pony sluts to a shaded tree and tether them before the trainer, where they are to complete their final training tasks. Judgement is rendered at the end of a whip, and the marks they earn here are the badges of graduation from this sweltering camp of pain and discipline.

Both sluts are whipped in tandem as their shuddering cunts are vibrated. The final blows cut the badges into their tits and asses as they ride their orgasms through the pain and burning humiliation.

Then comes the use. It is hard, the sluts getting fucked in the ass, mouth and cunts. All holes are ours and the ponies are covered in come, sweat and welts by the end of the day. Congratulations sluts, you have both managed to make it through four days of scorching training. Now, to earn your rides back to civilization...

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