Wednesday, December 31, 2008

sex slave movie

Princess Donna trained to serve cock

Fri, 01 Aug 2008 19:00:00 GMT
Porn stars:Lobo

Daac Ramsey

Cyd Black

Princess Donna

Training Report

General Observations

  • we have been far too easy on her
  • she likes it rough and mean, enjoys pain
  • still working on blow job skills
  • re-enforcing empathy for the submissive role
  • she is an apt pupil as well as a kinky filthy fucking bitch


  • Remind her that she is a submissive fuck slut
  • Discipline Humility
  • Serving cock
  • Her pussy and tits are ours to whip fuck and beat as we please
  • The order 'Open'


  • ramp up the intensity of her training to get her attention
  • review homework assignment - 'Who is Joseph Bean'
  • quiz her on politics and leather culture
  • lead her to the basement toilet stalls to introduce her new burden, the piss bucket
  • control when and where she is to piss
  • tear her down with intense s/m
  • reward her by ordering her to get that cunt off against the boot

  • let her come like a bad dog in front of company then lick it off the leather
  • teach her to formally show gratitude
  • use the cane liberally to stripe her and position train her
  • drill her cock sucking skills
  • focus on making her feel sore, exhausted and very well used
  • hand fuck her cunt till she comes in her bucket full of cold piss
  • see to it she licks up anything spilled with her filthy mouth
  • use her to carry the piss of everyone on set for the entire day
  • fuck her tits with a hard cock and quiz her on her lessons learned
  • bind and clip her cunt to emphasis the order 'Open'
  • slap, cane, pinch and vibrate her helpless clit to overload her with pain and pleasure
  • make her come till exhausted
  • push her through a standard stress position using her piss buckets
  • get her slave cunt fucked with hard cock in a tough reverse cowgirl
  • Make her earn a load of hot come all over her beautiful, sweaty face
  • explore her true understanding of humility with her bucket of cold piss