Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Live losing virginity in bdsm style

Nicki Blue's Deflowering

The blond girl losing virginity in bdsm style, in front of a live audience. Nicki Blue honors The Upper Floor by allowing us to throw her deflowering party. During the party Nicki gives her vaginal virginity to 1 of 3 lucky men. These men were selected by her, and she gives TUF members the privilege of choosing which man will be bestowed with that honor.
We start the evening by introducing Nicki to our guests. We get her warmed up by making the TTOO slaves provide oral service. Once she is nice and turned on, we move to the sanctum to begin the ceremony. After an intial unsuccessful attempt, we give Nicki a break. We ask if she wants to go on, and she insists that we move forward with the ceremony.The blond girl losing virginity in bdsm style. Upon returning to the sanctum, the three men take turns fucking her ass until she is relaxed enough to complete her first act of vaginal intercourse. This is truly a sight to behold.