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Dana DeArmond trained serve hard cock

Fri, 11 Jan 2008 20:00:00 GMT
Porn stars:Daniel

Sarah Blake

Dana DeArmond

Applicant Profile



Disposition: Super Star

Fears / Current Limits: Authority.

Strengths: Experienced fuck, good BDSM bottom

Weaknesses: Wrapped up in status and 'stardom'. Good bottom but has no experience with submission.

Experience: Lot's of adult experience, has shot with most Kink sites.

Current Status: To be trained to submit to her boyfriend, Daniel.

Recommendations: Immediately take away her name, dignity and status. Strip her naked and refer to her as a number only for the remainder of the week.

Tie her into a tight squat position, gag her slut mouth and instruct her to start sweeping the filthy dungeon floor. Discuss her as though she were not there with Daniel to ascertain how he would like her training to proceed.

Make her a deal - she can wear the gag all week or speak properly right from the start and use Yes Sir, No Sir, Thank you Sir. Inspect and observe her as she is whipped, fingered, probed, pinched and slapped, and note her reactions for future use.

Tie her down and teach her the value of gratitude and asking permission to orgasm by forcing multiple orgasms out her her greedy cunt till she is exhausted and begging for mercy.

Pound her cunt with hard cock, then put her on her knees where she belongs to put her slut mouth to some use other than talking about herself.

Today's very simple lessons are to teach this slut to say please and thank you, a remarkable formidable task inspite of her age.