Sunday, December 21, 2008

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Train slave girl with Ass Hook and Hard Doggie Fuck

Fri, Jul 25 2008 12:00:00

Training Report


  • Inspect Quarters
  • Review homework assignments
  • Teach the value of paragraphs by tearing her poorly formatted assignments into little pieces and feeding them to her one by one.
  • Lock her into a leather muzzle to speech train her
  • Cage her and order her to continue scrubbing the filthy floor
  • Review her case with William
  • Terrify her with the cattle prod
  • Tie her tits in tight Japanese style rope bondage
  • Teach her the techniques required to endure a painful rope suspension

  • Push her hard with the single tail as she struggles to maintain the suspension
  • Release her and teach her a little about gratitude
  • Drill her oral skills with a hard cock in her throat
  • Teach her to overcome her gag reflex
  • Crop her to distraction
  • Continue working the Training Trigger
  • Bind her like a dog in cold chain
  • Leash her with a hook in her ass
  • Fuck her slave cunt while stretching her ass
  • Teach her to give up control by making her orgasm over and over again, spilling her submission all over the office floor

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