Saturday, December 13, 2008

bdsm slave training

Slave girl wannabe learns the ropes

Fri, Jun 20 2008 12:00:00

Applicant Profile

General Observations

  • Experience: 1 year
  • Strong fantasies of punishment, being put in her place
  • Threat of orgasm denial makes her more turned on and likely to come
  • When asked how to train her she replies 'she needs improvement in sexual servitude'
  • Needs blow job training, has a 'horrible gag reflex'
  • Needs her ass stretched
  • Loves chains, belts


  • responds well to control, rules
  • Loves to endure difficult tasks, pain


  • Has mistaken assumption that life is fair.
  • Prideful, has a hard time being wrong.
  • Forgetful


  • Subject is clearly nervous.
  • Cut her clothes off and put her in a steel yoke for the interview
  • Order her to scurb the filthy floor while 'getting to know her'

  • Solicit a training name and beat her her till she comes up with a good one
  • Challenge her to keep her dirty little fingers out of her cunt at night to demonstrate her obedience
  • Discipline her with a cane, reward her with orgasms
  • Play a game of pain and stress with her to teach her that the word 'fair' does not exist in this dungeon in 100 strokes or less.
  • Teach her to be better judge of her abilities with simple stress position and the erosolator
  • Insert training plug to begin stretching her tight slut asshol
  • Drill her on a presentation routine while stuffed and whipped
  • Fuck her mouth with a rubber cock to test her gag reflex
  • Instill strict discipline in her tasks, posture and speech
  • Order her to get come from the gimp
  • Begin work on a 'Training Trigger'
  • Order her to get herself off in the cage while we watch
  • Lead her by the hair to the slave quarters to assign morning stretches video journal and written homework: Summary of the StoneWall Riots
  • Repay her for coming to our shoot at the last minute with a hard belt spanking

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