Wednesday, November 19, 2008

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Fri, Feb 22 2008 12:00:00

Training Report, Final Day

Goals Review

  • On Camera Fucking: Trainee experiences her first boy girl sex scenes on camera
  • Oral Skills: She came to us a lousy pussy eater but leaves with the skill to improve
  • Posture: Her posture and general protocols are excellent
  • Slut Training: still a little reserved but there is definitely an improvement

Recommendations: Leash her with clamps to the pussy and nipples and lead her around the building.

Test her resolve and ability to erotisize pain while holding position. Her ass and thighs should be stripped with the cane, and she should be mounted onto the wooded pony for an exercise in endurance.

Blind fold her and bind her, then bring in a mann she has never met before to fuck her mouth and pussy, erotically beat her, use her, then come on her face and tits. Make sure she does not see him even after the scene is over.

Grill her on what she has learned an send her on her back into the word with a collection of new experiences to consider.

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Lorelei Lee trained in school girl scene

Fri, Jul 27 2007 00:00:00

Training Report

Goals Progress:

  • Orgasm control is very good, always asks permission
  • Pain tolerance - she reacts beautifully to being hit and her tolerance is good
  • Self control is improved but she still fidgets quite a bit.
  • Sensory deprivation is difficult and we may have to abort this goal
  • Protocol - very sexy when she says 'thank you, sir' and seems to get off on restricted eye contact.

Progress Review: The head box in Day Two freaked her out. It was clear right away from her responses, respiration and body language that she was having a hard time with it. There was a battle going on inside the box that we simply were not privy to. Once out, she was in a light state of shock, but after some downtime we resumed training to good effect.

She was determined to succeed in the BJ scene and once permission was given she worked the cock and balls like a sex starved slut. She was very enthusiastic and effective - an excellent cock sucker.

Recommendations: Invade her quarters and run her through a primal bondage fuck scene that leaves her begging to cum.

Turn her loose with another dominant to see how she performs. Capitalize on her sexy and charming demeanor by putting her in school girl setting and make her read erotic fiction for us while she gets fucked in the pussy, ass and mouth. Keep it light and amusing.

Give her another test in sensory deprivation by bagging her and hanging her in the basement. Beat her with whips and fuck her face till she spasms in convulsing orgasms at the end of the magic wand.

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