Sunday, January 18, 2009

bondage movie

Cute little fuck slut Alex Von Tess trained to serve Master

Fri, 17 Oct 2008 19:00:00 GMT
Porn stars:Lobo

Alexa Von Tess

Trainer's Report


  • Transparency / Express her submission
  • Phallocentric Veneration (Cock Worship)
  • Speech Control: That incessant whining has to stop.
  • Confront fear of blindfolds / hoods

Unit Protocols

Internal Condition Reports


  • Attention
  • Kneel
  • Ass Up
  • Spread it

Rule Set

  • no whining or else she is gagged
  • mixed honorifics between players
  • maintain positions until released

Training Strategies

  • Solicit Internal Report
  • Review yesterday's assignment: '20 ways to demonstrate submission'.
  • strap her down, clip her nipples and clamp her cunt wide open
  • wipe off any ridiculous makeup
  • drill pain management techniques as her flesh yields
  • Art of the Face Fuck
  • Drill position training
  • Instill rules and positions that strip her privacy
  • Rope subject into very challenging position and get her thoroughly fucked
  • Deposit a load of hot semen on her pretty tongue
  • Assign essay on Larry Townsend and why we should care about him