Tuesday, December 23, 2008

slave train

Princess Donna trained to serve cock

Fri, May 23 2008 12:00:00

Applicant Profile

Sign: Aquarius

Height: 5' 7''

Disposition: Dirty girl

Strengths: Extensive BDSM experience, strong desire to prove herself, strength and endurance, able to process pain, nice real tits.

Weaknesses: Vain, bitchy, can be disobedient

Experience: Plenty

Recommendations: Before getting her fucked in her first on camera boy/girl shoot, offer an opportunity to earn the privilege of speech. Gag her and order her to move a one ton stone pile 10 feet, then back again.

Saddle her with a burden, a 40 lbs. stone on a 3 foot chain around her neck, the take her to the office.

Fit her into a harsh stock and squat her on the platform to suffer through the intake interview. Take away the last of her identify by scrubbing the makeup off her face and changing her name before whipping her with wet leather.

Chain her down in heavy bondage and attack her with a raging hard cock, pounding her mouth and pussy to test her familiarity with serving men.

Once she is filthy and covered in come, assign homework and evening details before sending her away to quarters for the night to ponder her goals for the week.

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