Friday, November 07, 2008

bondage slave

Dana DeArmond tamed by the cock

Fri, Apr 18 2008 12:00:00

Training Report, Final Day

Goals Review

  • Sincerity: She has learned the importance of sincere delivery, but must be reminded
  • Discipline: Much improved
  • Obedience: Surprisingly, this slut has been a very obedient girl this week.
  • Gratitude: Too slow, but improved.

Recommendations: Plug her ass and turn her over to Torque to work up a sweat with forced exercise, kegels and stress positions.

Vibrate her hungry cunt while putting her through a hard flogging, teaching her ways to eroticize pain.

Hand her and her file over to her boyfriend, Daniel, for a test drive.

She has been programmed to respond to her slave name, Number Nine, by assuming a submissive stance and waiting for orders. He immediately tests her obedience by ordering her to shave her cunt for him.

Once satisfied, he inspects her and orders her through various positions including presenting her slut mouth to suck cock, and her ass to fuck.

Make her get on top and ride hard cock in her ass, doing all the work and finally taking his come in her mouth.

Miss DeArmond graduates today, and we turn her over to Daniel with a new set of skills that will hopefully add to their kinky sex life and press her to continue to ask, how can I please him?

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