Tuesday, October 28, 2008

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Princess Donna and Lorelei fucked by multiple Slave Trainers

Fri, Sep 05 2008 12:00:00

Training Report, Final Day

General Observations

  • she is an efficient and astute young lady
  • she is a bruised, sore and experienced masochist but...
  • there are ways to hurt her that she does not yet know
  • pacing improved
  • she misses pussy
  • she suffers beautifully


  • serve cock, esp. oral skills
  • male anatomy 101
  • humility
  • discipline
  • sense of humor


  • push her further into the surreal world of her circumstances
  • blur the path to reality
  • assign different names through the day to disorient

  • leash her with clover clamps to nipples and labia
  • order lorelei to walk her as her screams echo through the 'Theater of Pain'
  • deprive her of her senses
  • rig and submerge her in the Houdini Tank
  • put both the little sluts in corsets and gags
  • use them to entertain a few guests
  • use lorelei as an instructional aid
  • her pussy as motivation for donna
  • teach her the value of a sense of humor
  • see to it they are both used hard and well
  • call out donna on her inept and sloppy oral skills
  • give her some hands on lessons
  • overwhelm them both with orders and hard cocks
  • make them work hard for three loads of come
  • see to it they swap the come back and forth before they eat it
  • give donna a mouthful of that pussy she has been missing this week
  • take donna's exit interview as lorelei eats her pussy

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