Thursday, October 16, 2008

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Delilah Strong humiliation slut trained to submit

Fri, Feb 15 2008 12:00:00

Training Report

Warning - this session contains heavy verbal humiliation that some may find offensive

Training Goals Progress:

  • Limits - she is not afraid to go further than she ever has both emotionally and physically
  • Gratitude - too slow and frequently needs correction
  • Discipline - definitely improved
  • History Lessons - she is getting a good primer and keeping up with her homework

Recommendations: Bring in Torque to help give her a heavy verbal humiliation scene that totally breaks her down and exposes her to our ministrations. Erotically degrade her body and personality, then brutally fuck her face to remind her why she is here.

Turn her over to Torque for a heavy bondage / pussy penetration scene that teaches her the extent of our control over her orgasms.

Put her into the wide receiver to train her to present her tits with a whip, then fuck her cunt and mouth as a reward for all her hard work.

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